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Skin Cancer Checks Now Available

By August 10, 2020No Comments
perth skin cancer check

Early detection of skin cancer greatly reduces the need for surgery or advancement of the disease, or even death caused from skin cancer.1

Dr David has been expertly trained in an exciting new service available to our Skin Resus clients, Digital Dermoscopy. It combines visual examination of the skin surface with high resolution digital photography to examine, document and compare skin structures over time.

You can have a full body examination of all hyperpigmented areas on your skin such as moles, freckles, naevi, seborrhoeic keratosis and more.

There’s an app for that

The latest cutting edge technology for dermoscopy combines a state of the art intelligent app with sophisticated software, so when Dr David whips out his iPhone, it’s not because he’s sending a text! A specially designed phone cradle with a powerful light and lens allows you to see your mole on the big screen immediately and the image is saved for future comparisons. If needed, we can share these progression images with your other health care providers.

The Cancer Council Australia recommends skin examinations conducted by a doctor, using dermoscopy for the early detection of skin cancer2

It’s recommended that everyone in Australia gets a skin check at some point. Dr David can tell you at your initial visit what timeline best suits your skin for a re-evaluation. For some it might be as long as a few years but for those with a high risk of developing skin cancer (previous skin cancer, very fair skin, high number of unusual moles etc) it may be every six months.

An examination, assessment and documentation of the full body takes around 15 minutes and costs $94. Medicare rebates are available.

For more information see our page on Skin Cancer Detection or call to book an appointment on 9284 0900


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2. Cancer Council Australia. Position statement: Early detection of skin cancer. Sydney: Cancer Council Australia, 2019. Available at https://wiki.cancer.org.au/policy/Position_statement_-_Screening_and_early_detection_of_skin_cancer.
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