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Skin Resus Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Perth

As dedicated skin specialists, we directly consult with expert dermatologists to offer only the safest and most effective treatments available in Australia. Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic is conveniently located in Perth, we offer more than 30 different cosmetic medical treatments, and have invested more than $1,000,000 into specialist medical equipment in the past 18 years. From IPL hair removal and Laser Rejuvenation, to dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, our experienced team in Perth will ensure you’re receiving the correct treatments for your skin.

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Meet The Team

At Skin Resus our Medical Professionals administer all treatments. Our practitioners are fully qualified Doctors and Registered Nurses with over 30 years of combined cosmetic experience. At our Floreat clinic, we have performed over 20,000 cosmetic treatments and we genuinely care about our clients.

Dr David Main

Medical Director


David co-founded Skin Resus in 2006 and has since gained extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of cosmetic dermatology. He was one of the first doctors in Western Australia to introduce the use of medicated injections for migraine and pain management. He specialises in ablative laser resurfacing (Erbium), Fraxel Laser, tattoo removal, treatment for tear troughs, dermoscopy for skin cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments.


Dr Paula Barrie

Cosmetic Physician


Paula graduated from medicine “many years ago” and has been working as a general practitioner since 1996. She joined Skin Resus in 2014 and loves working in the cosmetic industry, specialising in lip enhancement, the cosmetic injectables, Fraxel laser treatments and tattoo removal treatments.


Juliette Box

Registered Nurse


Juliette was coaxed back into the cosmetic medicine field in 2017, and has loved working with Skin Resus ever since, describing her position here as “the best job ever”. Renowned for her attention to detail and caring nature, Juliette specialises in IPL rejuvenation, cosmetic injectables, and is an avid advocate of the importance of sun protection.


Katie Thomson

Registered Nurse


Katie’s nursing career began in 2010 focusing her skills in the operating theatre. Having an underlying passion for medical cosmetics, she joined Skin Resus in 2015 and quickly became an experienced and sought-after cosmetic nurse injector specialising in lip enhancement. With her young family keeping her on her toes, her wicked sense of humour and glamour always shines through.

Sarah Clerk

Registered Nurse


Originally from New Zealand, Sarah moved to Perth to broaden her horizons. She brings with her a wealth of nursing knowledge with experience in theatre nursing, intensive care, the emergency room, burns unit and GP nursing roles. Her decision to expand her skills and enter the field of cosmetic nursing comes after being a client of Skin Resus – another one to ‘jump the counter’

Kerry Mayfield

Chief Operating Officer


Kerry has been the smiling face greeting you at Skin Resus since 2013 and is renowned for her warm welcome and friendly manner. She has extensive knowledge of all our treatments and is a product specialist in both our skin care and makeup ranges. She can always be relied upon for her great honest advice, raucous laugh and an emergency supply of chocolate!


Val Crisp



Val has been with Skin Resus since January 2019 and relishes her job as a part time receptionist. She has re-joined the workforce after retirement, and manages to fit in work between her many holidays.

She has a wealth of knowledge on all of our treatments, skincare and makeup and is also a very willing guinea pig whenever we get a new treatment in!


Mary Litic



Originally a long-standing Skin Resus client, Mary joined the team in 2019. Her extensive knowledge of all our treatments and products, delightful charm and organisational skills make her a valuable addition to the team. She’s always on the lookout for promising new treatments and loves a good before and after pic!


Trish Hepburn


1968 – 2018

Trish founded Skin Resus with David Main in 2006 with the aim of providing exemplary service at a great price.

Her dedication and tireless efforts saw the company flourish in to what it is today.

She will be remembered for her wicked sense of humour, dedication to her family, and, of course, her love of a good gin.

Forever in our hearts

Why Choose Skin Resus

Knowledgeable reliable informed staff members

  1. During your first consultation we dedicate 30 minutes to discuss your preferred treatment plan, so we can tailor the best solution for you.
  2. Our Registered Nurses follow-up with a phone call within 4 days of your Rejuvenation and Laser treatment, to check on your progress and after 4 weeks to ensure you are happy with the results.
  3. We will always SMS you one day before your appointment, so you can plan in advance and never miss your scheduled treatment.
  4. Our phone will be answered by a clinic specialist who is trained and well informed on all treatments, so you can receive quick answers to your questions.
  5. You’ll enjoy our friendly atmosphere and personal service to ensure your sessions are comfortable and relaxed.

We offer 30 different cosmetic medical treatments

  1. In the past 18 years, we have invested over $1,000,000 into specialist medical equipment, so that we are able to offer you the best treatments available within Australia.
  2. Our treatments and equipment are only chosen after careful examination of their safety and effectiveness, as well as sourcing specialist advice from internationally respected dermatologists.
  3. Our clinic offers the complete range of cosmetic skin treatments including Peels, Laser, Intense Pulse Light, Skin Needling, PRP and Cosmetic Injections
  4. Our friendly medical team are experienced in a comprehensive range of procedures, including Medical Strength IPL rejuvenation, IPL Hair Removal, Fraxel Laser, Revlite Laser, Erbium Laser resurfacing, PRP injections, skin needling, cosmetic injections, light chemical peels and vein treatments, so you can be confident of getting the right treatment for your skin.
  5. We extensively researched skin-care and makeup before choosing to stock Aspect Dr skin-care and Jane Iredale makeup. We believe in products which are most of all effective (and backed by medical research), but also affordable, free of harmful ingredients and not tested on animals.

Competitive pricing with expected cost up front

  1. During your initial consultation, we will write up your treatment plan advising how many treatments you will require, the costs associated and what results you can expect, so you feel completely comfortable before proceeding
  2. We don’t push unnecessary or over-the-top treatments – just sensible and appropriate options to assist in your concerns and help your skin.
  3. Our quality guarantee and invaluable advice ensures you receive a premium service at a competitive price.

Our Ongoing Commitment to you

IPL Rejuvenation: Where there is a lot of pigmentation, the skin can look uneven after your first rejuvenation – this will be resolved after your second treatment. If you choose not to have a second treatment, we will treat the uneven areas at no charge.
Cosmetic Injectables: At your 2-week follow up consultation, we will be happy to give a touch up at no charge to ensure you get a perfect result. It’s often best to let results settle down for a few days before deciding if additional treatments are required. A 20% discount is offered on any injectable treatment given within 4 weeks of your first treatment.

Disclaimer: The information in this website (including but not limited to text, graphics, images and other) is intended for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for personalised professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified health care provider before undertaking any new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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