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Wrinkle Relaxer Prices

Wrinkle relaxer The most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, Disport is great for any lines caused by movement such as frown lines, smile lines and forehead lines.

½ Area


eg/ light forehead treatment

1 Area


eg/ frown line or crows feet

1 ½ Areas


eg/ frown lines and light forehead treatment

2 Areas


eg/ frown line and crows feet

2 ½ Areas


eg/ frown lines, crows feet and light forehead treatment

3 Areas


eg/ frown lines, crows feet, and full forehead treatment

Upper lip lines


Axillary Hyperhydrosis

from $300

Long lasting treatment for excessive underarm sweating
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Dermal Filler Prices

Dermal fillers The Restylane family of products are made of Hyaluronic Acid, a man-made form of a naturally occurring sugar. These are injected as a gel to plump and fill lines and restore volume.

0.5ml Softer Lip Filler


eg/ small number of upper lip or smile lines

1ml Softer Lip Filler


eg/ extra lip volume and soften lip lines, or average naso-labial lines

0.5ml Volumising Dermal Filler


eg/ small tear trough treatment or touch up

1ml Volumising Dermal Filler


eg/ average naso-labial lines or tear trough treatment

Fine Dermal Filler


0.5/1ml for lines around the mouth, cheeks or top lip

1ml Light Dermal Filler


For lips or very fine lines

Skin Boosters Deep Hydration


1 or 2ml for lip, face or hand hydration

20% off your second and subsequent ml/s of filler on the day or within 4 weeks of treatment

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Bio Remodelling Prices

Bio Remodelling uses a pre-measured volume of pure hyaluronic acid that is evenly distributed around your chosen treatment area.

Face (2ml)


Neck (2ml)


2x 2ml Special Package


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Wrinkle Relaxer for Pain Problems

We are experienced in using wrinkle relaxers for pain problems such as headache and teeth grinding (bruxism). Talk to us for heavily discounted rates.

In Australia, TGA regulations prevent us from naming the wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers we use online. If you would like more information, call and talk to one of our friendly team.

No further discounts apply to already discounted packages

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