Wrinkle Relaxer Prices

Wrinkle relaxer treatments are very individual, and are priced accordingly. Our practitioners will give you an accurate idea of cost before your treatment.

½ Area - a light treatment


Forehead lines or soften mild crows feet

1 Area


Frown line or crows feet

1 ½ Areas


Frown line and forehead lines

2 Areas


Frown line and crows feet
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Dermal Filler Prices

Dermal fillers need to be individualised to your requirements. Your practitioner will give you an accurate idea of costs before your treatment.

1ml Light Dermal Filler


For lips or very fine lines

0.5ml Dermal Filler


A small number of upper lip lines or smile lines

1ml Dermal Filler


Extra lip volume and/or soften fine lines

1ml Softer Lip Filler


For a more natural result with less swelling

0.5ml Volumising Dermal Filler


Small naso-labial lines

1ml Volumising Dermal Filler


Average naso-labial lines or tear trough treatment
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In Australia, TGA regulations prevent us from naming the wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers we use online. If you would like more information, call and talk to one of our friendly team.