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Fast Facts

Get the brows of your dreams with Perth Brow Lab at Skin Resus

  • Microblading with Perth Brow Lab (cosmetic tattooing) is a semi-permanent treatment to bring life to your brows
  • Also known as Feather Touch Tattooing and Brow Embroidery
  • Ideal for sparse brows
  • Hairstroke, Soft Powder or Ombre methods are used with either Microblading or Machine
  • Requires no down time, although you may have some redness initially after microblading, and dark brows for a night
  • Semi-permanent pigment is deposited in the upper layer of the dermis

What is microblading?

Put the WOW back in your brow with Kahrin from Perth Brow Lab.

Whether your brows are over-plucked (think Drew Barrymore in the 90s), they’ve thinned out with age, or you just feel like throwing away your brow pencil and powder, Kahrin is the one to see. She will be available three days a week to transform your brows.

The technique used to tattoo brows is called microblading, micro-pigmentation and feather tattooing. It is an ancient technique that uses a fine blade rather than a tattoo machine. The microblade includes a row of micro-needles that are delicately etched into the epidermal layer of the skin using natural colouring. This technique creates fine, crisp, natural-looking hair strokes within the skin. Every brow is individually designed by hand to mimic the existing brow hairs and creatively tailored to suit the client’s face.

Kahrin also offers expert brow styling with wax, henna tinting, and lash lifts to give the perfect frame to your face.

Before and after

*Individual results may vary

At your appointment

Microblading (feather tattooing)

After discussing your concerns and agreeing on a treatment plan, the area is gently cleaned. Kahrin meticulously measures your face and creates an outline of the perfect brows for you. Using a custom blend of colour to compliment your features, the colour is applied with carefully placed strokes with an ultrafine blade.

The procedure is relatively painless, though if you are particularly concerned about sensitivity you can enquire with Kahrin around topical anaesthetic cream.

Your brows may appear very dark on the first day, but rest assured this will settle to a beautiful even colour quickly. Any redness or minor swelling should subside within a few hours or overnight.

Other styling options

Brow Styling

Kahrin uses Henna, a vegan friendly dye without preservatives or peroxides to dye your brows, filling in gaps. Perfect for sensitive skin, Henna conditions and strengthens the hairs, lasting up to 8 weeks.

Yumi Lash Lift

A revolution in eyelash enhancement using an advanced lifting technique that turns the lashes up from the roots giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Enhanced with keratin, the formula strengthens and nourishes the lashes ensuring the boosting and lifting effect lasts as long as the natural cycle of the eyelash, which is generally 8-12 weeks

How much does a brow makeover cost?


Initial Consultation and Procedure –  $595

Perfection Visit 4-8 weeks later – $150

Annual Revitalisation Visit (strictly 12-18 months) – $240

Yumi Lash Lift

Lash lift with tint $110

Yumi Brow Lift

Brow lift with tint – $99
Brow and Lash Lift – $180

Brow Styling – design, wax, trim, tweeze and colour

With tint  $60

With henna  $80

Brow Colour

Tint $25

Henna $45

Lash Tint $30


Kahrin is available

Thursday 12pm – 5pm

Other days by appointment

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