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Fast Facts

Chemical peels are great for improving dull skin, assisting acne and pigmentation treatment, helping skin ageing and for rejuvenation before a special event.

Downtime is minimal – usually from 1 – 2 days – and the duration of results is up to 6 months. Gentle chemical peels are safe for all skin types and an excellent addition to your skin-care program.

Regular chemical peels can assist in an overall skin anti-ageing program, and can be combined with other treatments such as IPL or Fraxel laser.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels help to remove the top layer of skin naturally. The active ingredients in the chemical peel solution work by taking off the very top layer of skin to reveal the fresher layer of skin underneath. The peel sinks into the lower layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps to strengthen and tone the skin. As the skin cell renewal process continues, the skin appears more youthful and maintains a more even texture and tone.

Before and After Timeless Chemical Peel*

Depending on the peel chosen, 1 – 3 peels may be recommended, but you will usually feel and see the difference after the first one.

*Individual results may vary

Skin Resus Peel Menu

We offer a range of peels to suit all skin types and concerns. During your initial consultation our nurse will assess your skin and suggest the best chemical peel for you. Some of the peels require the skin to be ‘prepped’ with either a Retinol serum or a pigment serum for up to 4 weeks before.

Benefit Peel   $159

This potent anti-oxidant peel brightens and hydrates the skin without excessive peeling. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and rosacea, as well as mild acne and ageing concerns.

Jessner Peel   $159

A peel that provides intense exfoliation when used on it’s own or as a boost to increase the activity of the chosen peel. Effective treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation and photo-damage.

Retinol Brulee   $159

A medium depth Vitamin A peel designed to bring about dermal change without trauma. Perfect for photodamage, mild scarring, hyperpigmentation, ageing concerns and oily congested skins. Skin prep required.

Timeless Peel   $159

This is a deep dermal peel using the power of Retinol to treat photodamage, hyperpigmentation, ageing concerns and oily, congested skins. Some flaking may be experienced, leaving the skin glowing and alive. Skin prep required.

LactoBotanical Peel   $159

This hydrating peel comes in several strengths and is great for skin renewal and collagen building with minimal irritation. It is very effective in treating acne, hyperpigmentation and dehydration.

Deep Sea Peel   $199

This is the strongest peel we offer, and is fantastic for photodamage, hyperpigmentation and ageing concerns. It is usually done as a single treatment, and will leave your skin feeling plump and smooth. The depth of the peel can be adjusted to suit your skin needs and the amount of down-time you can afford. A 5-10 minute application will leave you with mild-moderate redness and flaking, where a 10-15 minute application will result in a deeper dermal peel, with moderate to severe redness and flaking for 3-7 days after treatment.

Boost the effectiveness and collagen stimulation of all of our peels by combining it with a Dimalux LED Light treatment. LED therapy stimulates collagen production to plump up skin and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Our Great Value Peel Packages

Power of 3 package $400

Pre-pay for 3 Light Chemical Peels (excluding Deep Sea Peel) and save $77.

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