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Fast Facts

Revlite Laser for Pigment Removal

Great For:
Revlite Laser is great for pigmentation such as cafe au lait birthmarks, melasma, freckles, sun spots, age spots, seborrhoiec keratosis, professional tattoos, amateur tattoos, cosmetic tattoos including black, red and coloured tattoos.

Areas Treated:
All areas.

Down Time:
There is a period of 5 – 7 days on the face, or 10 – 12 days on the body when surface pigment (532) will appear darker before peeling off. There is little or no down-time with the treatment of deeper pigmentation. Treatment of tattoos (see hyperlink) will often require some post-care with antiseptic ointment such as Bepanthen and a simple dressing for 1 – 2

Results Duration:
Results are permanent but may vary from person to person.

What is Revlite?

The Revlite laser belongs to a family known as Q-switched lasers. Q-switched lasers produce light in very short bursts – in the nanosecond range (one thousand-millionth of a second). This extremely short burst of energy breaks up pigment particles deep in the skin, and allows them to be removed by our white blood cells. Surface pigment is immediately dehydrated and peels off after a short time. The Revlite produces light of either green (532nm) or infra-red (1064nm) colour, and each wavelength has a number of uses.

Revlite 532 is used for the treatment of surface skin pigmentation including freckles, lentigines (sun spots or age spots), seborrhoeic keratoses, and superficial birthmarks such as cafe au lait birthmarks. It is also useful for the treatment of red tattoo ink.

Revlite 1064 penetrates deeper into the skin and is used for deeper pigment treatment including treatment of melasma (hormonal pigmentation), post-inflammatory pigmentation, iron staining (eg, from iron infusions), and unusual pigmentation such as minomycin staining.

Revlite 1064 is the main laser we use for removal of black tattoos.

Before and after Revlite Laser Tattoo Removal*

*Individual results may vary

How many laser treatments will I need to remove my pigment?

The treatment of surface pigmentation (532) is usually quick and requires 1 or two treatments.

Deeper pigmentation (1064) including tattoo ink requires a series of treatments in order to break up pigment granules.

What is a Revlite treatment like?

To make the treatment more comfortable we recommend you apply a local anaesthetic cream like EMLA about an hour before the treatment. Spread a generous layer over the area and cover with Glad wrap. We will remove it just before your treatment.

The treatment itself feels like a strong pricking or flicking sensation. Small areas are treated quickly, in about 10 minutes. Larger areas, sleeve tattoos for example, may take up to an hour to treat. After the treatment the area is covered with cream and some gauze.

Why come to Skin Resus for Revlite?

  • All treatments in our Perth clinic are done by our very experienced Cosmetic Doctors
  • We use the next generation Revlite Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, used by doctors and dermatologists around the world for its effectiveness, speed and safety
  • Our prices are very affordable, starting from just $185 per treatment. And if you pre-pay for 4 treatments, you get 20% off
  • Free Tattoo Removal – If you have tattoos from radiotherapy treatment, we will treat them at no charge.

How much does Revlite cost?

The price for Revlite Laser Treatment in our Perth clinic depends on the size of the area treated and the number of treatments needed. For an accurate figure we recommend coming in for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Registered Nurses, or a paid consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors.

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Are there any side effects from Revlite?

Revlite is very safe, however some side effects may occur:

  • Mild swelling and redness will be seen after the treatment
  • The area will darken in colour, dry then flake off – it is important to let the skin flake off naturally and not pick it
  • After several sessions, some scabbing may occur.
  • Occasional white spots may be seen which often re-pigment over time. Scarring occurs in a few cases (approximately 5%).
  • We do not advise treatment of very new tattoos (i.e. less than 3 months old), as the risk of scarring may be higher.
  • We do not advise treatment if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

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