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5 things to know before you get lip fillers

By September 14, 2020No Comments

So you’re considering lip filler? You’re joining a very popular club!

Lip fillers, made of Hyaluronic Acid – a substance found naturally in the skin, can greatly enhance your lips. Whether you’re after a volume boost, a more balanced look between top and bottom lip, or an increase in symmetry, lip fillers may work for you.

Here are five important things to know before you take the plunge:

  1. Your injector matters
    Experience matters so much with injectables and it truly is an art form. Having an eye for symmetry, a steady hand and a thorough knowledge of lip anatomy can mean the different between good lips and great lips.
  2. You might bruise
    Even the best injectors can’t avoid all bruising so it’s best to not have your filler done right before an important event. To minimize bruising,  stop taking Aspirin two weeks before hand (seek clarification from your medical provider on this), and use over the counter creams such as Hirudoid, Lasonil or Arnica after as they may speed up healing.
  3. Coldsores
    If you suffer from coldsores it’s important to let your injector know as fillers can trigger an outbreak. If your injector feels it appropriate, antiviral medication can be taken in preparation for your appointment.
  4. Take photos
    A before and after photo, taken in the same light conditions, is a great way to truly gauge the difference in your lips. Immediately after treatment you will be swollen and in the following days your lips may reduce slightly. If you feel further filler is required, a 20% discount is offered for any additional filler given with four weeks of your initial treatment.
  5. Risks
    All procedures carry risks. In very rare circumstances, lip filler can enter a blood vessel and cause an occlusion. The area will become red, inflamed, painful and blotchy – it is imperative you let your injector know immediately as the filler needs to be dissolved. Skin Resus has an after hours service available on 0403 518 714.

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