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A New Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

By September 27, 2023January 28th, 2024No Comments

Spring in Perth can be a challenging period for hay fever sufferers. This is the peak season for pollens from introduced weeds and grasses, such as ryegrass, ragweed, Paterson’s Curse, and Timothy grass, which are carried into the city by easterly winds.

Current therapies include oral antihistamines, intranasal sprays, and desensitisation injections. However, they often prove disappointing in their effectiveness and can have side effects like drowsiness and nosebleeds. Desensitising injections require a lengthy series of shots and may yield unsatisfactory results.

In recent years, Skin Resus has been conducting trials of a new intranasal medication. This treatment is administered in a single session via a nasal spray using a small gauge cannula. The results typically last for several months, extending throughout the pollen season. Our guidance for this treatment is grounded in several scientific articles that demonstrate impressive effectiveness and safety.”

By Dr David Main

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