Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus 30ml


An advanced formula that combines Tranexamic Acid and Tyrostat-11™ unveiling a more even, radiant-looking complexion

Key Benefits

Antioxidant protection

Key Ingredients

Tranexamic Acid – an amino acid that diminishes the appearance of existing dark spots

Niacinamide – evens skin tone reducing redness and discolouration

Hydroxyphenoxy Acid – targets pigmented areas

Tyrostat-11 – powerful complex of Rumex Occidentalis and vitamin C to even the complexion

Suitable For

All forms of pigmentation – UV and hormonally induced (sun damage, melasma, chloasma)
Combines well with other pigment treatment options including Fraxel, Revlite and IPL
May be used with other topical pigment treatments such as retinol and prescription grade creams
Also used for prepping olive skins and darker before peels, laser and IPL
Usage AM and PM

Smooth a pea size amount all over face