Fast Facts

Your Specialists in Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Great For:
Rejuvenation and pigmentation treatment with minimal down time

Areas Treated:
Face, neck, chest (décolletage), hands

Down Time:
2-3 days, depending on the depth of the peel

Results Duration:
Up to 12 months, although results vary from person to person

Sciton Profractional Laser Peel, Fractionated Laser Peel

What is an Erbium Laser Peel?

A laser peel offers an intense rejuvenation with minimal discomfort and down time. The Erbium Laser peel can be done precisely to a pre-determined level within the skin, letting you choose the intensity of the results and the recovery time.

Before and after erbium laser peel*

*Individual results may vary

There are three types of Erbium Laser Peel at Skin Resus:

Gentle peels are wonderful for removing surface imperfections, clearing light pigment and freshening texture. After this treatment you can expect some pinkness and dryness before a gentle exfoliation occurs, usually after 3-4 days, then beautiful glowing skin.

Deeper peels help to smooth out fine lines and sun-damage. Following the peel, you will have redness and swelling for 3-4 days, before a gentle flaking. After a week your skin will be bright and fresh – just wait for the compliments!

Resurfacing peels are used to treat more advanced lines and wrinkles. After this more intense peel you can expect redness and swelling for up to 7 days, with some pinkness persisting after that. After 1 week your skin will be glowing, and the collagen stimulation continues for the next 3 months.

What does a Laser Peel involve?

Before the treatment a local anaesthetic cream will be applied to the skin and left for approximately one hour. As our Doctor passes the laser over your skin, you will feel a warm sensation. A full face Laser Peel treatment will take 30 minutes. After the treatment, your will feel a sunburn-like sensation, usually for about an hour. Best results will be seen 2 weeks after your treatment.  While one treatment will give great results, some conditions may require 2 – 3 treatments.

How much does a Laser Peel Cost?

The price for a Laser Peel depends on the area treated.

Please call for up-to-date pricing.

As an indicator, full face laser peel is approximately $850.