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De-mist-ifying Hydration Sprays

By April 13, 2021May 3rd, 2021No Comments
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We’re often asked “Which of the hydration sprays is the best for me?” so we thought it was about time we de-mist-ified them!

We use and recommend the Jane Iredale hydration sprays; Pommisst, Balance and D2O. They have been reformulated and awarded ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic certification. You’ll love their fresh, clean fragrances and you’ll love what they do for the health of your skin.

As the name suggests, they’re fabulous for hydrating the skin, particularly throughout the day, but they also have some other great benefits thanks to their unique formulations.


  • Contains pomegranate extract, which is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector that calms, soothes and aids in hydration
  • Conditions and protects ALL skin types
  • Sets mineral makeup
  • Freshens and hydrates throughout the day


  • Hydrates and plumps
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Soothes and calms with Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Ylang Flower Extract and Essential Oils to smell amazing
  • Brilliant post-laser treatment


  • Calms and nourishes while hydrating
  • Perfect for oily skin
  • Green Tea Extract to soothe acne prone skin
  • Balances oil and pH levels
  • Delicious fruity smell with Orange Peel Extract and Orange Essential Oil

How to use Hydration Sprays

  • Lightly mist your face from about 30cm away
  • Spray on to bare face after cleansing and before serums to allow it to penetrate fully
  • Use to set mineral makeup and help to conceal pores and fine lines
  • Spritz the face whenever the skin feels dry or when exposed to drying atmosphere, such as when flying
  • Spritz your Hydration Spray throughout the day as a pick-me-up and to keep your makeup looking fresh

If you’re feeling creative you could also try these unconventional uses

  • Mist in your hair to control static.
  • Refrigerate your Hydration Spray in the summer for a hydrating and cooling experience!
  • Spray on makeup brushes to intensify eye shadows and use them as eyeliners
  • Spritz in the air to keep things smelling fresh, without any nasty chemicals


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